Fire & Life Safety

Fire and Life Safety protection can come in many forms; from a simple smoke detector and/or carbon monoxide detector in a residence, to a commercial fire system consisting of smoke detectors, fire sprinkler monitoring, and manual pull stations with sirens and strobes all around the facility. These systems may be a local onsite sounding only, or monitored by a central station, but at their core, these systems perform two simple tasks:

Life Protection

These systems provide an audible alert triggered by detectors installed at the premise to alert occupants of an emergency so that they may take action to escape the danger. Local building codes for residences require a basic local system, and, depending on the business, a commercial system designed to alert occupants to evacuate. By adding equipment monitored by a central monitoring station, this protection can be taken to the next level by alerting the monitoring station to send the appropriate emergency personnel so that even in the event that the occupants are incapacitated and unable to take action help is still on the way.
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Asset Protection

If there is a fire in your home and nobody is there to see it, does it still burn? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. The standard equipment required to be installed in homes is only designed to alert occupants of an emergency. By adding equipment monitored by a central monitoring station, emergency personnel can be dispatched to a home or business even when nobody is there, which increases the chances of stopping a fire before too much damage or loss occurs.
Fire and life safety equipment that is monitored by a central monitoring station not only provides additional protection for families and businesses, but most insurance companies prefer or even require it. Many insurance companies will even give a discount on their rates if they are provided proof that monitored equipment is installed.
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