Access Control

Access control can serve many purposes for businesses, and in some cases it is even a regulatory requirement to secure sensitive areas such as medication storage rooms or records and filing areas. We can customize access control to meet the needs of any customer from a single door with standalone keypad code entry, to a fully managed access system that controls the doors at multiple buildings in different cities or even counties all connected back to a central management server. Whether your business is small or large, the benefits can easily be recognized.
Access Control — Fingerprint and Access Control in Oroville, CA
  • Convenience - Access control can make it easier to manage who can access areas of your building and when, add or remove access easily in the event of a new employee or termination of an existing employee. No more keeping track of physical keys when employees come and go, and no more wondering who has made additional copies.
  • Tracking - Managed access control systems can track and log when employees enter through an access controlled door. No more investigations and guesswork to find out who was last in an area, simply check the log to find the information you are looking for quickly and accurately.
  • Forensics - When paired with one of our industry leading quality camera systems, the access control log can be invaluable to narrow down time windows of when an event occurred, and can even integrate with the cameras to view video footage of monitored doors just by clicking on the access control event in the log.