Burglar Alarms

Burglar Alarms — Control Room in Oroville, CA
Protecting our customer's homes and businesses with the most capable and up to date technologies is our number one goal. We customize the installation of our burglary systems to the needs of each customer eschewing the generic "One size fits all kit" approach that many of our competitors prefer. Many less diligent companies prefer this method merely because such a “cookie cutter” approach allows for gathering a greater quantity of customers more quickly, sacrificing customization and diligence for their own short-term bottom line. We will never approach something so important as your security with such a short-sighted philosophy. We will do the job correctly, or not at all, that is our solemn promise to you. Let us show you all that we can do to help give you peace of mind at home and in the office.
We offer a full range of burglary detection equipment including:
  • Door & Window Contacts
  • Motion Detectors
  • Electronic Glass Break Detectors
  • Photo-Electric Beams
  • Stress sensors
  • Wireless Motion Detectors & Contacts
Alarm Systems — Burglary Detections in Oroville, CA
Home Security — Burglary Detections in Oroville, CA