Monitor Your Home Or Business Remotely!

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With home automation you can get the control of many different systems in your home or place of business. From lighting and sprinkler systems to thermostat control; you get the power to turn your systems on and off from your phone or tablet. We as a company are so excited to use this new technology and help our clients lower their energy costs and go in a more “green” direction. This new programming is user friendly and easy to manage.
With this new technology you are able to integrate your mobile phone, laptop and tablet to monitor your home of business from a remote location. Contact Accularm today and let’s get started on your home or place of business automation set up! (530) 532-0885
Automation Benefits!

Enjoy having the ability to turn your lights on and off just by using your phone! Bathroom, living room, bedroom, it doesn't matter where the light is on. Forgot to turn the heater or A/C off? You’ll also be able to lower your energy costs with the ability to control your thermostat straight from your phone!

With Z-Wave technology control of your home is just a phone away. Z-Wave allows for automated and remote control over lights, locks, electrical outlets and even your thermostat. Ask how you can control it with your voice and allow us to wow you!

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Video Capabilities

The amazing thing about this new technology is it’s video capabilities. You will be able to monitor your home or business remotely. This is a very customizable feature where you can monitor doorways, porches, hallways, rooms and other hard to see locations on your property. There is no limit to this new alarm system technology! You will feel safe and secure even when you’re out of town!