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Alarms — Woman Receiving Calls in Oroville, CA
Woman Receiving Calls — Alarms in Oroville, CA
Here at Accularm we carry a wide array of surveillance cameras, with solutions for any size job. We do it all from small 1 or 2 camera systems in a home up to large commercial and industrial facilities with hundreds of cameras. We have gained a reputation as one of the premier surveillance camera installers in the entire North State, working hand in hand with many governmental and law enforcement agencies to cover their most sensitive areas. We undergo extensive periodic training to remain on the cutting edge of surveillance camera technology and pride ourselves on our ability to customize surveillance systems for nearly any challenging environment.
Surveillance System Benefits:
  • 24/7 recording to capture what happens in view of the cameras at all times
  • Powerful App based control that allows you to keep tabs on a property in real time
  • Motion driven recording & alerts to movement detected
  • High resolution footage to share with law enforcement , etc. to aid in apprehension and prosecution of criminals
  • Recording of suspicious activity leading up to crimes (ie. casing properties, stalking)
  • Monitoring of delivered packages at homes and businesses
  • Monitoring of sensitive areas such as swimming pools where intruders could become injured and attempt to sue the property owner
  • Keeping tabs on pets and employees when away
  • Recording any potential physical altercations inside of businesses for insurance purposes
  • Audio recording as well if that is desired
  • Pan, Tilt, Zoom cameras that can be controlled remotely and programmed on configurable guard tours
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